Homeless Innovations Program

Who We Help

We help the most vulnerable individuals living on the streets of Long Beach who, after years of homelessness, choose to join forces with staff to work toward renewing their health and beginning their recovery.

How We Help

Using a street medicine approach, we integrate mental and physical health services.  Working as a collaborative team, we reach out to hard-to-engage individuals, offering them medical and mental health care and helping them find housing.  Our services are centered on a Housing First model, helping individuals find affordable, permanent, safe housing as quickly as possible and providing those individuals with the on-going support they need to be successful in their new homes.

How to Reach Us

The Homeless Innovations Program operates as a mobile team in Long Beach.  The best way to reach the team is to call MHA at 888-242-2522, ext. 266 or press “0” and leave your call back information with the receptionist.