Bustin’ Alleys and Takin’ Names

August 18, 2017

Category: MHALA News

If you know MHA, you know that the heart of what we do is to empower people to move forward with their lives.  This isn't just a fluff statement or an empty promise, empowerment is written into our DNA and permeates everything we do here.  From our staff to our members to our board of directors, we don't DO things for other people, we make sure that people have the tools they need to do things for themselves!  This is the stuff that the Alley Busters team is made of!  Partnering with the Downtown Long Beach Associates (DLBA), the Alley Busters team formed to address concerns about trash and clutter in the alleyways surrounding the neighborhoods we all share in Long Beach. 

The DLBA's Clean Team works hard to care for many of the main streets and alleys in the Downtown Long Beach area, but they needed help to expand their reach.  Michelle Fuentes, Employment Specialist at the MHA Village, came up with a creative solution that would help people in need and show the community that MHA is a strong dedicated partner in the effort to keep Long Beach safe and beautiful.  Working with Kim Phan, a close neighbor to the MHA Village, Michelle created a strong team of Village members to get out in the alleys and remove debris, kill weeds, and make the neighboring alleys safer.  By partnering with the DLBA, they were also able to find funds to pay the Alley Busters for their hard work!  Helping people with mental illness get the tools they need to rebuild their lives and improve the community at the same time!?  Sounds just like the MHA way to me!  Read more about this wonderful project in the LB Post here.