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By designing, demonstrating and disseminating models of mental health care, MHA helps people with mental illness recover to independent, integrated lives. With a focus on “quality of life” goals, we help people live, work and be involved in the community.

MHA serves people who have a mental illness such as schizophrenia, manic-depressive illness or depression, and many also have substance abuse problems. Many of the young adults we help have “aged out” of foster care. About two thirds of the people we serve also are homeless or have been homeless sometime during their lives.

We offer individuals a combination of treatment for their illness and recovery services to gain skills essential to mainstream living. Our employment programs create opportunities for work, self-worth and self-reliance. MHA’s housing options give individuals affordable homes and chances for living independently.

In California, MHA pioneered the “integrated services” model of mental health care, where individuals can find a comprehensive range of coordinated services in one place. Along with serving individuals using this innovative approach, we train mental health professionals and help them transfer our model to their own programs.


  MHA Village blends all the parts of mental health recovery – treatment, rehabilitation, family and community support, and self-help – to provide the help adults with mental illness need for self-sufficient lives. Located in Long Beach, California, our program tailors services to each individual’s psychiatric, employment, housing, substance abuse recovery, financial and education needs. Recognized as an “exemplary practice” nationally and a “best practice” in California, the MHA Village is a model for changing mental health care.
  MHA Antelope Valley Services offer mental health recovery services for adults and young adults with mental illness in the Antelope Valley area of Los Angeles County. We customize a range of mental health care, housing assistance, job coaching, social skills training and money management to each individual’s needs. Its public education campaign seeks to improve awareness of the importance of good mental health practices and understanding of mental illness.
  Homeless Assistance Programs serve Long Beach and Antelope Valley with outreach and drop-in centers that offer showers, clothes and a safe haven from the streets. These programs work with MHA’s integrated services to provide long-term solutions to homelessness.
  Transition Age Youth Programs serve young adults with mental illness, many of whom are aging out of the foster care system or leaving the streets. We help these young people find housing, learn daily living skills, go back to school and enter the work world with the goal of productive lives as adults.

Operation Healthy Homecoming serves low-income veterans and their families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Our projects in Antelope Valley and Long Beach concentrate on housing stability and sustainability to promote healthy community living.  We collaborate with the VA healthcare system and coordinate with fellow service providers to help individuals obtain veteran and other public benefits.

  Homeless Innovations Project demonstrates an innovative approach for blending mental health care, physical health services, substance abuse recovery and housing for homeless people with mental illness.  Using a “street medicine” model, our Mobile Health Teams build relationships with vulnerable homeless individuals and assist them with housing, service and stability plans. Our mental health staff collaborate with our primary care partners at The Children’s Clinic, Serving Children and Their Families. 
  Wellness Centers help individuals grow in their well-being by blending mental and physical health strategies. Our center, located in Long Beach, offers health assessment, education classes and support groups.

Un Paso Mas serves the Latino community. It offers support, education groups and training to help families and individuals with mental health issues.

  Housing offers options to bring permanent, affordable homes to people with mental illness in our county. As a first step off the streets, MHA provides motel vouchers to homeless people with mental illness. We help individuals locate community apartments and learn skills to succeed in them. We partner with local governments to provide low-income housing certificates and services. them. We partner with local governments to provide low-income housing certificates and services.

Affiliates and Partners

  Clifford Beers Housing is a nonprofit organization started by and affiliated with MHA that develops quality housing that is supportive of low and moderate income people, particularly those with mental illness. Its website is

Project Return Peer Support Network is a nonprofit organization run by and for people who have had a mental illness. Founded by MHA, PRPSN offers services that include 100 peer support clubs located throughout Los Angeles County and a toll-free telephone warm line that provides peer-to-peer support. Please visit its website at


Homeless Connections Initiative is a community-wide effort to find realistic solutions to homelessness in downtown Long Beach and to focus on reaching individuals who have been on the streets the longest and are at highest risk because of physical health problems, mental illness, age and other serious needs.  MHA co-leads this initiative with the City of Long Beach and PATH, a fellow nonprofit organization.


The Art of Daybreak Multi-Arts Outreach Program reveals the creative potential and meets the specific needs of people with mental illness. Its mission is to enrich lives, encourage hope and goals, and eliminate stigma while increasing wellness and recovery through personal involvement and exposure to all the arts. This innovative program provides hands-on workshops in fine art, creative writing, improvisation, music and integrated movement to people served at mental health centers, Wellness Centers and homeless shelters throughout Los Angeles County.

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