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Meet Our Trainers the professionals of today, teaching the workforce of tomorrow, tracking the effectiveness of integrated services

This cornerstone of our work – with components that educate, replicate and evaluate – strengthens the system of mental health care in Los Angeles County, across California and in other parts of the nation.

We advance the "integrated services” model of mental health care – which provides a comprehensive, coordinated range of services – by training others in our approach and tracking its effectiveness for system leaders and policy makers. We attract bilingual and bicultural young people to human service careers to meet the growing need for diversity in the workforce. We assist people with mental illness in learning how to speak out about their needs.

Our designs are a growing direction for mental health care. The MHA Village earned distinction as an “exemplary practice” from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, which provided federal funds to help others replicate our model. Two of our services – the MHA Village and Project Return Peer Support Network – are models for Partners in CARE (Community Access to Recovery and Empowerment), a national Mental Health America initiative to replicate effective services for people with mental illness.

The components of our Training and Research services are:

  • Workforce Development continues our pipeline to mental health careers, with a focus on underrepresented groups. Our projects include partnerships with Cerritos College on a Mental Health Worker certificate program for entry-level workers and California State University, Dominguez Hills on an undergraduate specialty and post-degree certificate in recovery-focused services.

  • Immersion Training at the MHA Village offers mental health professionals, people with mental illness and families hands-on experience in our integrated services model. They spend two to three days with us, studying the MHA Village’s philosophy and programs and teaming up with our staff to practice the principles they have learned.

  • Consulting Services guide service systems through a process of investigating and implementing an integrated services structure. Among these, we have consulted with mental health stakeholders in Kansas, Florida, Ohio, Nebraska and Washington D.C. Their projects were funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s Consensus Building Program, through which communities select an innovative service to replicate.

  • Research specializes in integrated services evaluation, which uses the “quality of life” outcomes system designed by MHA’s executive vice president.

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