Training & Workforce Development

Our Training and Workforce Development efforts are designed to impact and influence why and how services are delivered in the public mental health systems. We work with systems and organizations, professionals currently working in the field, those wanting to enter the workforce, and the general public. Through the development and delivery of training programs, classroom instruction and internship opportunities, workshops and training sessions, measurement tools training and consultations, as well as affliation agreements, MHALA brings recovery philosophy and practice to those who serve people living with mental health conditions.

  • We provide training programs for direct service workers, supervisors and leaders on recovery practice.

  • We conduct a fellowship program for those wanting to work in mental health that combines classroom training and applied internship experiences with our partner organizations and programs throughout Los Angeles County.

  • We provide internship opportunities for university and college students in our direct service programs that provide practical experiences that enhance the classroom learning the students receive.

  • We conduct topic specific workshops and training to improve and enhance recovery guided work.

  • We train and consult regarding the use and application of the Milestones of Recovery Scale (MORS) and the Determinants of Care, instruments designed to measure the recovery growth and needs of individuals served by the mental health system.

  • We provide Mental Health First Aid training that helps the public identify, understand, and respond to signs of symptoms of mental health conditions.

  • We proudly partner with multiple universities and colleges to provide the best medical training and education to help shape the physicians of the future. Through these affliation agreements MHALA provides students and resident physicians with access to the latest clinical treatments and the best training by specialists in psychiatry, occupational therapy, nursing, psychology, physicial therapy and other health disciplines. We have active affliation agreements with the following institutions of higher education:

    • ​University of Southern California
    • California State University
    • California State University, Long Beach
    • California State University, Los Angeles
    • California State University Northridge
    • Azusa Pacific University School of Nursing
    • Brandman University
    • Standbridge College

And we do so much more...

Our Signature Gift Is

penetrating the heart and igniting the mind

We Bring It By

welcoming the collective wisdom

speaking truth to power

creating "aha" moments and connections through our stories and vulnerabilities

and inviting others to find meaning in their work

How to Reach Us

For more information regarding the 12 week fellowship program, please visit our Jump Start website.

For additional information regarding the Milestones of Recovery and the Determinants of Care, please visit our MORS website.