Mental Health America of Los Angeles works to ensure that people with mental health needs achieve meaningful, healthy lives in their communities.


During team discussions across the agency with our nearly 400 staff members, we identified the following values as being most representative of MHALA:

  • Innovation
  • Hope
  • Integrity
  • Equity
  • Collaboration
  • Transparency
  • Empowerment
  • Compassion
  • Respect


We serve adults and transition-age youth who are facing mental health needs and do not have financial resources, including Veterans and people who are or have been homeless.

MHALA uses an integrated, comprehensive service model that meets each individual where they are and tailors services to each person’s needs. We work in partnership with those we serve. Our services are strength-based and delivered by teams of interdisciplinary professionals. 

We believe that people can and do recover.   

MHALA has advocated for systems changes for decades and has provided training to thousands of individuals locally, nationally, and internationally. We provide services at multiple sites in Los Angeles County, including Long Beach, the Antelope Valley, and the Santa Clarita Valley.

Paper cutouts holding hands


  • Outreach and engagement 
  • Mental health care 
  • Benefits and income services 
  • Health care services, including psychiatry and medication management 
  • Housing services 
  • Linkages to substance abuse services 
  • Wellness, resilience, and life skills programs
  • Employment and vocational services, including social enterprise opportunities 
  • Transition-age youth services 
  • Specialized services for Veterans


Mental Health America of Los Angeles opposes racism and discrimination in all forms. We commit to working for equality, inclusion, access, health, and safety for all members of our community. MHALA works to support our staff, those we serve, our partners, and our larger community during this extraordinary time of effort to bring about equity and justice.

MHALA's Voices for Justice

April 20, 2021: On this momentous day when justice was served in the George Floyd trial, after so many times when it was not, MHALA doubles down in our efforts to bring equity and justice to all people. Violence, racism and injustice damage the mental health of all of our communities. The following messages were written by our MHALA teams in support of our Black and African American community. Continue reading 

Dear AAPI Community

March 26, 2021: March marked the one-year anniversary of the start of the pandemic. Since it began, we have seen increasing violence and hatred aimed at our Asian American and Pacific Islander neighbors. MHALA stands in solidarity with our AAPI community and all our communities. We oppose racism, discrimination, and hatred in any form against any and all members of our community. Continue reading

A Century of Commitment to Mental Health


MHALA is founded as the Mental Hygiene Committee.


Mental Health Americas across the nation fight to bring more humane mental health care to people in state hospitals.


Working with volunteers from the National Association of Mental Illness, MHALA starts Step UP, the first mental health rehabilitation-focused organization on LA’s Westside.


The organization begins service in the Antelope Valley.


MHALA is chosen to design and implement an integrated services approach in Long Beach, which grows into a national model for health care.


MHALA begins to offer training.


MHALA is selected to pilot one of the state’s largest AB 34 programs, offering comprehensive care for people with mental health needs who are homeless, leaving jail, or at risk of homelessness or prison.


MHALA begins to offer services to transition-age youth.


The President’s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health selects MHALA as a model to study.


Milestones of Recovery Scale (MORS) is created.


The organization creates Clifford Beers Housing to address the need for supportive housing in LA County.


The MHALA Wellness Center opens.


The Jump Start program begins.


MHALA launches Operation Healthy Homecoming for Veterans and their families and the Homeless Innovations Project.


MHALA begins serving the Santa Clarita Valley.


MHALA launches peer program for LGBTQ youth.


MHALA launches the HealthLink Program in partnership with Dignity St. Mary Medical Center to provide needed social services to frequent utilizers of emergency room services.


MHALA launches the South County trauma collaborative.


MHALA launches the Financial Wellness Program Long Beach.