Dear AAPI Community

marzo 26, 2021
bumping fists

March marked the one-year anniversary of the start of the pandemic. Since it began, we have seen increasing violence and hatred aimed at our Asian American and Pacific Islander neighbors.…

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Las premiadas cookies apoyan la salud mental y la capacitación laboral

diciembre 25, 2020
Cover of Cheers! magazine

The Village Cookie Shoppe is one of Mental Health America of Los Angeles’ social enterprises and part of the organization’s Employment Program. Proceeds from each purchase from The Village Cookie…

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Cómo nos impactan las imágenes traumáticas, para bien y para mal

6 de junio de 2020
Cover of Long BEach Post

The striking image of a lone man standing before a fleet of tanks in Tiananmen Square on June 5, 1989 brought worldwide attention to the plight of pro-democracy demonstrators in…

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Reinventar los servicios de salud mental en una pandemia

18 de mayo de 2020
Young man wearing mask and holding a paper heart

The COVID-19 crisis has impacted the mental health of our entire community. It’s hard to find anyone who does not feel some degree of anxiety and unease. But for those…

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El coronavirus trae el mes más difícil de salud mental en la memoria

14 de mayo de 2020
Main wearing mask putting food in a bag

May has been Mental Health Awareness Month since 1949. May 2020 may well be the most stressful in the last 71 years, Long Beach experts say. “It’s impacting the whole…

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Con la pandemia en crisis, los servicios para personas sin hogar están en modo de clasificación

17 de abril de 2020
Cover of Long Beach Post

About 10 people live in the Dominguez Gap homeless camp along the edge of North Long Beach. Some are older—one woman just turned 81—and many have been there for years.…

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Las mejores mujeres líderes en el cuidado de la salud

30 de marzo de 2020
Woman in glasses smiling at camera

La presidenta y directora ejecutiva de MHALA, la Dra. Christina Miller, es una de las líderes de atención médica para mujeres de Los Angeles Business Journal, elegida por su "administración y logros excepcionales". sigue leyendo

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2 organizaciones sin fines de lucro de Long Beach reciben miles en fondos de subvención

14 de febrero de 2020
Group of businesspeople posing for a group shot

Two local nonprofits recently received grants from Dignity Health – St. Mary Medical Center to expand their services. Mental Health America of Los Angeles – which provides comprehensive mental health,…

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Mensaje positivo de salud mental

2 de noviembre de 2019
Man at podium speaking into microphone with balloons next to him

As mental health groups across the nation recognized Mental Illness Awareness Month last month, Mental Health America of Los Angeles raised local awareness about the capabilities of people recovering from…

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Construyendo una mejor Long Beach: trayendo servicios de apoyo ampliado a Midtown

7 de octubre de 2019
Man and woman posing in front of structure being built

Construction is well-underway on the new Mental Health America of Los Angeles (MHALA) facility, which is set to bring mental and physical health care services, as well as employment support…

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