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Dear AAPI Community

March marked the one-year anniversary of the start of the pandemic. Since it began, we have seen increasing violence and hatred aimed at our Asian American and Pacific Islander neighbors. MHALA stands in solidarity with our AAPI community and all our communities. We oppose racism, discrimination, and hatred in any form against any and all members of our community.
Christina Miller, Ph.D.
Presidente y CEO

We live here in America — The home and land of free,
Things are truly changing — In a way it shouldn’t be.
Our hearts and minds are heavy — With the violence going on,
We stand to give you our support — These actions are so wrong.
Racism and diversity — Must surely be addressed,
This Land, this home of free and brave — Is truly such a mess.
Discard discrimination — As we join in Unity,
We stand with you for justice — Set with pure equality.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you — As we lift you up today,
To offer strength and comfort — In this time of troubled ways.
Rochelle Johnson
Personal Service Coordinator, Integrated Service Center, Long Beach

We stand in solidarity with and offer our complete and unending support to the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. We vociferously condemn the reprehensible, racist attacks and violence directed at their community, and will continue to be active allies with Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in their ongoing struggle for social and racial justice in our country.
Veterans Services, Long Beach

We would like to first send our condolences to all the families of the victims that have lost their lives from this senseless act of violence. From the start of the COVID-19 pandemic there has been a rise of anti-Asian racism and hate crimes. We stand in solidarity with the AAPI community and condemn all racism. We welcome all communities regardless of race or ethnicity and encourage all to celebrate the power of a diverse community.
Veterans Services, Antelope Valley

The MHALA Wellness Center, with deepest humility, wishes first to acknowledge and express our sorrow at the long history of racism and dehumanization experienced by the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. We assert ourselves as allies in the fight against prejudice wherever it exists. We hold as our core belief that all human life is valuable. All are welcome through our doors. We believe everyone is entitled to a sense of wellness, in a way that is defined by each person, based on their own unique preferences, values, life experiences, and culture. The Wellness Center believes in the power of community. We commit to being active listeners to learn from our neighbors in the AAPI community, and to seek ways in which we can be of service.
Wellness Center

As an agency that has always welcomed, supported and celebrated the diversity in our local and professional communities, MHALA stands in support of our Asian and Pacific Islander brothers and sisters during these troubling times.
Employment Services, Long Beach

We acknowledge the challenges, horrible events and ongoing issues that the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities are facing. We believe our differences make us stronger. We see you and your struggles. We appreciate and stand with you.
Employment Services, Antelope Valley

We stand in sorrow and solidarity with Asian, Asian-American, and Pacific Islander communities. Anti-Asian racism has been a recurring theme in United States history. As we mourn those who were lost, we also affirm our commitment to stopping Asian hate and eliminating violent acts and language.

Soon Chung Park, Sun Cha Kim, Yong Ae Yue, Hyun Jung Grant, Xiaojie Tan, Daoyou Feng, Delaina Ashley Yaun, Paul Andre Michels #RememberTheirNames

We might not always know the exact thing to say in difficult times like these, but we firmly believe that love will always win in the end and these horrible crimes will be dwarfed by the power of love. We will heal, learn, and rebuild, together!

We’re such a diverse organization that when something impacts one of us, it impacts all. We’re like a woven fabric; when a part of it is affected, the whole piece is affected and that’s what MHALA is about. We’re here to support our Asian American and Pacific Islander community in any way we can.
Housing Services, Long Beach

These are the cranes that hovered above mom when she passed in June of 2019. I dug them out of the chest where I had placed them the day my mom passed. They were folded by her good and lifelong friend May Wood. She did so right there in hospital as she sat through countless nights with Mom, sharing in our unenviable journey. May is Japanese American and fits the description of those who have recently been attacked, who are hated for looking different.

“According to Japanese tradition, folding 1,000 paper cranes gives a person a chance to make one special wish come true. The crane is believed to live for 1,000 years and that is the meaning behind 1,000 an individual needs to fold.” – Sadako Peace Monument in Hiroshima, Japan. Feb 25, 2020

Life can be beautiful and it can be painful, sometimes it is just outright ugly. But we don’t have to accept ugly. Times like these are an opportunity to give back, to show love, and to lift each other up. Today I am honored to do this for May, to lift up the Asian community as a whole. I stand in unity with my sisters and brothers of both the Asian and Pacific Island communities; I do not accept ugly!
Samuel Martinez
Program Manager, Antelope Valley

It is saddening to hear of the current hate crimes against our community members Asian American and Pacific Islanders. All the current events make you self-evaluate: how can I extend myself to share my support and recognize that we all belong? We belong to take responsibility towards what is happening and condemn the hate crimes.

We stand in wanting change, for all to be respected for their differences and appreciated for similarities, for cultivating a community in which all feel safe and equal — and belong. We stand in your pain and hope to work side by side to overcome these adversities. We all belong together and without one another we cannot make changes for the betterment of our nation’s future. We pray to give strength to all during these times, helping those heal from their losses, and remember the brave individuals we lost.

Know you BELONG and together we BELONG.
Adult Team Services, Valle del antílope

There was a wave of violence against the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, then the senseless act in Atlanta. It has been disturbing and emotionally painful. In dealing with racism, hate, intolerance, and violence, we need to educate people in our communities to stride towards kindness and understanding for each other. We are one people living together on earth; if only we could all believe and take part in justice and equality for all and stand united with the Asian and Pacific Islander community.
Pam Jones
Program Manager, Antelope Valley

We stand against the blatant racism, xenophobia, and violence perpetrated against the AAPI community, that has continued to be fueled by ignorance and hate throughout the pandemic. We support an environment in our community that values diversity, equity, and inclusion. At our core this strength comes from embracing this diversity and all the varied perspectives that our staff and members bring to the table. We condemn the pervasive discrimination and stereotyping that has for far too long harmed our AAPI brothers and sisters, and we stand together in the wake of this most horrific violence.        
Member Services, Integrated Service Center, Long Beach

We all need to do our part to
Recognize hate
Speak out against hate
Have no tolerance for hate.
Together we can eliminate hate.
We at MHALA stand strong with the AAPI community.
Clinical Contracts and Quality Assurance, Long Beach

It is such a tragedy to witness the surge in violence against our Asian American and Pacific Islander community, let alone any race. We take a stance and pledge to stand against racism of all kind. It deeply hurts our hearts to hear or bear witness to such acts of violence based solely on skin color or culture. The country as a whole is in a time of needing to heal from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. It deeply hurts that we must digest the increasing number of reports of anti-Asian racism, discrimination, horrific acts of violence, and the many hate incidents devastating our country.

We consider ourselves an ally to our AAPI community and want to take this moment to appreciate the cultural enrichment that they have brought to our communities and country. We pledge not to give a platform, an ear to hate, or fear-mongering against any culture or race.

We’ve come to a pivotal time where we must ALL stand in solidarity with ALL communities of color and denounce racism of any kind. We are all in this together and may peace be with you all! We will stand together to convey a message of inspiration and encouragement when hate crimes happens and when injustice happens to carry forth social change. We will stand together in this moment and remain strong and resilient. It is all of our responsibility to come together as one community, one voice, and one nation to say, “enough is enough.”
Opportunity Center, Antelope Valley

We are deeply saddened and mourn the tragic loss of life that resulted from hatred toward Asian women. We condemn all forms of violence and hatred that has been directed towards so many of our Asian American and Pacific Islander members of our community. We urge those investigating these crimes to characterize these crimes as “hate crimes”; anything less would be insufficient and a glaring insult as racism and hatred are truly the root cause. We stand united with our Asian American and Pacific Islander neighbors, demanding accountability and change. We are committed to working towards a future when our common humanity is valued throughout society.   
Outreach and Street Medicine, Long Beach

We stand in solidarity with our Asian American and Pacific Islander community and condemn the ongoing crisis of gender-based and anti-Asian and Pacific Islander violence that has long plagued our nation.
Support Services, Antelope Valley

Stop hate, start love.
Together as one.
Love one another.
Love first, ask questions later.
We all bleed the same color.
Stop hating things you don’t understand.
TAY Antelope Valley

At TAY Academy, we stand in unity with our Asian and Pacific Islander community and denounce hatred, bigotry, and racism in all its forms. We will continue to look for ways to support each other through these horrific crimes and keep celebrating the richness, diversity, and history of Asian America, because that work doesn’t stop either. These kinds of acts are attempts to drive people apart. This is another indication for us to come closer together, partner up, and do things constructively that shows resilience and our affirmations. We are better together than we are apart. “There is no stability without solidarity and no solidarity without stability.”
TAY Long Beach

We strongly condemn hatred, violence, and racism and all its virulent expressions. We stand in solidarity with our AAPI communities, not only in word but in deed. We challenge ourselves and implore every individual to actively and aggressively learn and embody the principles of anti-racism. We set aside the performative and commit to imperfect genuine action every single day, in times of relative calm, as well as in crisis. We do this in service to humanity.

To the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities, we value and respect your contribution to this country and our society. We are grateful that MHALA is aware of the recent struggles that Asians go through and being active in injustice. We are proud to be part of a melting pot of all cultures, respecting and accepting of all backgrounds and skin colors. Asian American and Pacific Islanders, you are important and valued. 

We would like to express our support for the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. Know that you do not stand alone, we will always stand by your side against bigotry and racism in our community.
IT Services

There is no space for hate or violence in our communities. We stand in strength and grieve with the Asian American and Pacific Islander community.
Development and Communications

We grieve and offer support for our Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. We are reminded again that violence targeting people of different colors, ethnicities and backgrounds must be stopped. Human life should be valued regardless of color. The employees of MHALA continue to commit to combatting racism and discrimination and ensuring equality, respect, and dignity for everyone.
Human Resources

As peers, as women, as minorities, as human beings, it breaks our hearts to see a group of people being harassed and physically assaulted because of their race. Because of their differences. This is not the time to be divided by race; 2021 is the time for us to unite as one.

Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders — who’s next? Sometimes we wonder, “Will it stop?”

Be mindful, these folks being targeted, hurt, bullied, they are someone’s family – a loved one – parent, child, friend, neighbor. A human life!

Who will be left to speak for you, to fight for you, once we’ve all been silenced by violence and ignorance?

Racism hurts us all. As individuals, as communities, and as a country. It’s time to end racism. It’s time to stop the hate.

Our Call to Action:

  • Reach out and check on someone you know, especially those who may be affected by the recent events
  • Look up and support local, minority-owned businesses
  • Have conversations with people about their communities and history. Find some similarities within your cultures and beliefs
  • Be empathetic
  • Keep an open mind and an open heart
    Project Opportunity Team and Program Navigators


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