Employment Services

MHALA’s Employment Program provides employment services to individuals with mental health needs by identifying options for them regardless of their barriers.

The program uses paid work to assist members in understanding the meaning, value, demands, and rewards of paid employment. This helps members to learn or reestablish marketable work skills, work attitudes, and behaviors while they develop work tolerance.

In addition to direct employment, we offer assistance with:

  • Literacy and math skills
  • Basic computer skills
  • Completion of certificates required for various employment opportunities (i.e. food handler certificates, guard cards, etc.)
  • Applying for a high school diploma or G.E.D.
  • Preparation of resumes and cover letters
  • Helping members apply for admission to advanced degrees and financial aid
  • Building coping strategies to overcome mental health barriers that might impede participation in school or employment

Our Employment Program is designed to facilitate the job process for members through:

Employment Essentials

MHALA’s employment essentials is the first step for those who have no employment experience or have had a prolonged absence from employment. An employment specialist works with each member to find out what they need, set goals, and review their performance.

Community Internships

MHALA’s community internship program was developed in partnership with members of the local business community. Members work up to 16 hours a week under the supervision of a business. 

Social Enterprises/Work Adjustment

MHALA’s social enterprises The Village Cookie Shoppe, clerical services, and janitorial services ­– offer members who are overcoming mental health roadblocks the opportunity to learn valuable skills as they move one step closer to self-sufficiency. 

Community Employment/Job Development

Once our members feel they are ready, our employment team will help match them with employers to find them jobs in the community.

We help our members find employment in various industries, including education, food services, aerospace, retail, automotive, and arts and entertainment. 

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MHALA offers employment services at the following locations:

Long Beach

Integrated Service Center
1955 Long Beach Blvd., Long Beach, CA 90806
T: 562-437-6717


506 W. Jackman Street, Lancaster, CA 93534
T: 661-726-2850