Health Services

Medical and physical health services are a key component of MHALA’s services. Staff nurses work as an integral part of MHALA’s team services, providing medical care and health education to our “members.” MHALA also partners with local health centers, community clinics and hospitals to ensure that our members receive the primary and specialty medical care that they need.

Psychiatric care, also provided within a team model, is provided by staff psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners. Member choice is always respected, and members are equal partners in their own care.

MHALA also has substance abuse specialists to assist members who are dealing with substance addiction. All programs staff have training to assist members to access appropriate substance addiction treatment and support services.


Individuals with mental health challenges — including many who are homeless — often seek care at emergency rooms, resulting in greater costs and a lack of the services that are really needed. MHALA is partnering with Dignity St. Mary Medical Center in Long Beach to connect this vulnerable population to a wide range of resources. MHALA's HealthLink team is stationed in the emergency room of St. Mary Medical Center to coordinate the care of these individuals by connecting them to ongoing case management, mental health services, primary healthcare, substance abuse services, permanent supportive housing, and other services. MHALA’s team works alongside the emergency room medical team.

Stethoscope on keyboard

MHALA offers health services as an integrated part of all our programs.