Street Medicine

MHALA’s Street Medicine team addresses crucial health needs of our neighbors experiencing homelessness. This team has expanded services in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and is conducting field-based testing for the novel coronavirus to ensure that the needs of these individuals are met. 

As part of these services, individuals are educated about the virus, screened for symptoms, tested, and triaged to appropriate levels of care when necessary.  Sheltering options are offered, including locations to isolate or quarantine, providing them a safe place to rest, recover, and practice “safer at home” during this pandemic.

In partnership with the Department of Health Services and Harbor Community Health Clinic, MHALA’s team of doctors, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and licensed vocational nurses are able to provide superior street medicine services.

Our Street Medicine teams provide:

• Risk assessment
• Clinical health assessments
• Wellness checks
• Screening, triaging, and testing for COVID-19 and other health conditions
• Complex wound care
• Medication support
• Health navigation-linkages to health insurance, health homes, treatment options, and other health resources