Transition-age Youth

The transition from adolescence to adulthood can be particularly challenging. MHALA’s Transition-age Youth program helps young adults ages 18-25 with mental health needs and emotional disturbances, and who are homeless or nearly homeless, to fully integrate into the community. This often includes youth that have aged out of the foster system.

The TAY program integrates housing, work/education, community life and wellness, incorporating youth-specific strategies to help them lead independent lives. Services include:

  • Mental health services: individual and group therapy, psychiatry, medication support services, crisis intervention, and coping skills training
  • Linkages to resources: housing, educational and employment resources, benefits, medical services, financial aid, and more
  • Employment services: opportunities for paid internships and volunteer opportunities to gain work experience and build important employable skills
  • Skill building: group and individual coaching to develop personal and social skills
  • Family services: counseling and education for the young person’s social supporters to help them understand the young person’s experience
Group of sudents walking down a hill with the sea beyond

MHALA offers the TAY program at the following locations:

Long Beach

TAY Academy
2025 7th Street, Long Beach, CA 90804


506 W. Jackman Street, Lancaster, CA 93534