Stories of Transformation

Stories of Transformation

‘My Job Brought Back the Fire in My Heart’

February 14, 2020 | Comments Off on ‘My Job Brought Back the Fire in My Heart’

‘MHALA Loved Me Back to Life’

January 10, 2020 | Comments Off on ‘MHALA Loved Me Back to Life’

‘The Skills I Learned Helped My Mom and I Get Jobs’

Angel got his MHALA start at the Transition-age Youth program in the Antelope Valley. As he began building his confidence, he learned about the Employment Services program, eventually joining the work adjustment team.

“I worked janitorial at MHALA for about three months,” says Angel. “That was the first job I ever had.”

After a few months, he transitioned to work development. Angel’s self-assurance continued to improve as he learned as much as possible from his weekly appointments with his employment coordinator, who shares that he never let the COVID-19 pandemic get in the way of his growth or his goals.

“They taught me how to apply myself to the job, how to create my resumes to appeal to employers,” Angel explains. “We also did mock interviews. Those really helped a lot.”

As Angel’s skills got stronger, a job opportunity presented itself at the new Amazon Delivery Station in Palmdale. Through Zoom, he learned of all the requirements and information needed to apply. Angel applied everything he learned to secure his first job — and then he went one step further.

“I used the skills I learned at MHALA to help my mom apply for and interview at Amazon for the same position. And she got in as well!”

Angel is more than a dozen MHALA members who have secured employment at Amazon center in the Antelope Valley. He and his mother remain proud employees of the e-commerce giant.