Stories of Transformation

Stories of Transformation

‘My Job Brought Back the Fire in My Heart’

February 14, 2020 | Comments Off on ‘My Job Brought Back the Fire in My Heart’

‘MHALA Loved Me Back to Life’

January 10, 2020 | Comments Off on ‘MHALA Loved Me Back to Life’

‘I Did Everything Myself — But They Helped’

After living in the East Coast all his life, Steven visited California in 2019 and decided to stay. As he adjusted to having no familial support in the area and to the demands of starting a new life in a new location, he reached out to MHALA for assistance.

Steven was homeless for nearly two months but found a place to live on his own. MHALA’s Housing team in Lancaster helped him get necessary items for his apartment and connected him to the agency’s Employment Services team. Steven searched for all job opportunities in the community. The COVID-19 pandemic tossed a wrench into his progress, but he remained persistent, attending all scheduled appointments and staying focused.

Thanks to his determination, Steven was offered a position with Rite Aid Warehouse. When he received his employer’s offer letter, he happily shared the news with his MHALA employment coordinator.

“I did everything myself — but they helped,” says Steven. “MHALA helped me organize my resume, shared job leads … and gave me lots of good positive energy. You need stuff like that when you’re looking for jobs.”

“He was overwhelmed with joy (upon getting the job),” says his employment coordinator. “He informed me that I was the first person he contacted to share the news.”

Steven’s MHALA team will continue to support him, she adds.

“I am very grateful,” says Steven. “They did so much to help me out. It’s good to know that people try to help.”