A Journey of Restoration and Self-Expression

Man painting

There is healing in creating. It’s why so many who reach out to Mental Health America of Los Angeles find their way to a pen, a paintbrush, or a musical instrument. As they put momentous effort into restoring their health, they also embark on a journey of self-expression and rediscovery. August, who gets assistance from…

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‘My Life Is New’

Man with arms wide open

My name is Keith. I’ve been going to MHALA for a long time. Never stopping to accept and appreciate the services they provided. My goal was to get my clothes washed, a shower, and a lunch. There was a time when I was doing ok. Then I stopped taking my medication and began the journey…

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‘MHALA Came Through for Me’

As a young girl living in New York City, Dee dreamed of going to California and figured that the best way to get there was to enlist. She spent five years in the US Marine Corps, stationed in El Toro. When she was honorably discharged, Dee — whose father is also an Army and Air…

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‘2020 Was My Year’

Nurse wearing a mask

In a year of a worldwide pandemic, Mental Health America of Los Angeles found new ways in which to continue providing care, assurance, and hope to thousands across LA County. Powered and inspired by the evolving needs of our community, MHALA reinvented its service delivery, continuing to offer our integrated mental health services with appropriate…

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‘MHALA Loved Me Back to Life’


It was the promise of a hot shower that convinced Roxanne to visit Mental Health America of Los Angeles. Roxanne was a copywriter at a radio station before her world came slowly crashing down. A back injury, depression after a failed marriage, and lapsed health insurance banded together to pull her into a downward spiral.…

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