Milestones of Recovery Scale

The Milestones of Recovery Scale, or MORS, is an evaluation tool that tracks the process of recovery for individuals with mental health needs. MORS provides easy-to-use data that allows staff, supervisors, and administrators to see how individual programs and agencies are performing.

MORS helps staff tailor services to fit each individual’s needs, assign individuals to the right level of care, and create “flow” through a mental health system. This one-page, single-score assessment:

  • Quantifies the stages of an individual’s recovery using milestones that range from extreme risk to advanced recovery and everywhere in between
  • Provides a snapshot of an individual’s progress toward recovery
  • Includes in-depth descriptions of what individuals at each stage might typically look like in terms of their levels of risk, engagement; and support from others
  • Is rooted in the principles of psychiatric rehabilitation and defines recovery as a process beyond symptom reduction, client compliance, and service utilization
  • Emphasizes meaningful roles and relationships as the driving forces behind achieving recovery and leading a fuller life
  • Can help systems and programs show funding sources, influencers, and the public that mental health systems can be cost-effective and achieve positive outcomes
  • Has been extensively tested and researched for validity and reliability

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When using the scale, it is important to remember that it is our ability to understand and respond to the uniqueness of the individual’s experience that ultimately creates our ability to support change and inspire hope.

MORS is not a risk assessment tool and should not be used to determine if someone is a danger to self or others or if someone can live safely in the community.

MORS is not a treatment-planning tool per se but can be helpful during the treatment-planning process.

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