Build Your Own Box

MHALA’s training and workforce development efforts, named Build Your Own Box, allow individuals to chart their own path to recovery-guided practice. We encourage creativity during each person’s growth and learning process as we promote the adoption of principles and practices of recovery based on hope, empowerment, self-responsibility, and meaningful roles into our work to help those we serve.

Our team of trainers and consultants have extensive experience supporting mental health service programs and advising systems, and facilitating small- and large-scale change. We offer training and consultation on the Mental Health Services Act system and structure transformation, Milestones of Recovery Scale (MORS) and determinants of care, curriculum design and development.

Whether you're looking for a startup package or some specific consultation on a focused topic we can help you from the initial planning stage to implementation and beyond.

For additional information, please contact us at or call 562-285-1330 ext. 1052.

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