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MHALA’s Village Cookie Shoppe Featured in Long Beach Signal Tribune

Village Cookie Shoppe assistant manager Gerald places tray of cookies into oven.

The Long Beach Signal Tribune featured MHALA’s The Village Cookie Shoppe in an article published June 1, 2023. The article highlights the tremendous impact the bakery has had both in the community and on its employees, many of whom are individuals served by MHALA.

The Village Cookie Shoppe hires people referred by MHALA who are unemployed, but ready to join the workforce and teaches them valuable skills such as budgeting, multitasking, product development, shipping, delivering, and of course baking. All workers at the bakery are paid during their three to five months of employment. 

After gaining work experience at the shop, more than 80% of employees go on to find part or full-time employment within the community.

Long Beach Signal Tribune, June 1, 2023

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